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Rwanda has a temperate climate with two dry seasons – Dry: mid-May to mid-October & mid-December to mid-March; Wet: March to May & mid-September to mid-December.

Uganda has a more tropical climate with two dry seasons – Dry: December to February & June to August; Wet: March to May & mid-September to mid-December


Mountain gorillas – now an endangered species – are among the most spectacular animals on the planet, and visiting them in their natural habitat is one of the finest wildlife experiences imaginable. Enjoy an abundance of wildlife, birdlife and flora as you explore Uganda's unspoilt national parks. Experience the vibrant energy, sounds and smells of nature as you trek the lush equatorial rainforest. And then feel the exhilaration and awe that comes from standing, just metres away, from a mountain gorilla family going about their daily business of foraging, eating, grooming and interacting. With limited permits available and gorilla trekking expert, Lisa Marsden, personally guiding the trip, you are assured a truly exclusive and unforgettable gorilla and wildlife experience.

Our only caution: you may like it so much you won't want to come back!

Set Departure
2-8 May 2016 Gorilla Trekking and Game in Uganda
Limited spaces.  For further details of flights, costs and future set departures in 2016, please contact us.
We are also able to offer Gorilla Tracking itineraries in Rwanda - please contact us for further details.