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There exists a thoroughly comprehensive and incredibly wide range of places to stay within our chosen areas of Africa and South America.  These vary from simple Amazonian jungle lodges to the quietly understated luxury of a beach front boutique hotel - or, from tented accommodation whilst on safari, to a cabin on a boat cruising the fjords of southern Patagonia or the Galapagos islands.





Whatever your preferences, we will be happy to offer guidance, based on our own knowedge, as to the best option for a specific area, bearing in mind also your budget.  Individual requirements may also vary depending on the length of stay, or, just as importantly, the amount of time in the day you expect to be out pursuing some activity and therefore with minimal time in the room.  In any event, there is a standard to match every expectation.    




The properties mentioned here represent only a taste of some of our own favourite places and are only intended to provide an idea of what is available.  There are many other options that we will be happy to advise, either on these or suggestions and recommendations that you may have already heard about. We constantly attempt to monitor as much of the accommodation we offer as possible, taking note where standards may have dropped or, as is often the case, being in a position to recommend somewhere new. 



For more information, including best times to visit and details of prices, please contact us.